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Mon. Oct 5th 2015
Signal 99 - 114 Stonecrest Drive, Manlius

At 00:49 on October 5, 2015, Kirkville Fire was alerted for a mutual aid structure fire at 114 Stonecrest Drive in the M...

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Mon. Jun 15th 2015
Plane Crash - 6241 Poolsbrook Road

At 19:18 on June 15, 2015, Kirkville and Fayetteville were alerted for an aircraft crash at the Poolsbrook Golf Course. Kirkv...

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Fri. May 15th 2015
Brush Fire - 8400 block of Green Lakes Road

At 17:12 on Friday May 15, 2015, Kirkville and Fayetteville Fire were alerted for a large outdoor fire in the vicinity of Gre...

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Our RecruitNY open house will be held on Saturday, April 23rd from 10am - 4pm. Stop by and learn more about what we do and how you can help out. We have positions available in various membership categories including Firefighting, EMS, Fire Police, Administration and more. Click here to learn more about joining. In addition to our RecruitNY open house on April 23rd, our station is always open on Monday evenings for information and a tour. 
Please take the time to watch our "What it's like to volunteer in three words" presentation below

FF Bob Metz and FF/EMT Bruce Foster posting signs for our upcoming RecruitNY open house. We hope to see you there!


On March 23 2016, father and son team Deputy Chief Shawn Foster and FF/EMT Bruce Foster visited Dr. Weeks Elementary School in the City of Syracuse for the school's College and Career Day. They conducted a fire safety presentation and demonstrated our turnout gear and SCBA. Numerous topics were discussed with the students including the importance of smoke detectors, having an emergency gathering point, and understanding that a firefighter in full gear is there to help them and not someone to be afraid of. Great community outreach by Team Foster! 


On March 5, 2016 the first of a series of new member orientation sessions was held at the Kirkville Fire Station. New members from the four Town of Manlius Fire/EMS agencies (Fayetteville, Kirkville, Manlius and Minoa) attended a day-long session consisting of an introduction and welcome by all four chief officers, policies and procedures, workplace violence and sexual harassment laws, bloodborne pathogen training, as well as an introduction to apparatus, tools, equipment, and radios. Attendees also received CPR/AED training and received their certification cards. For the second portion of this training, attendees return to their respective departments for physicals and individualized department-specific training. Moving forward, each department is planned to host a quarterly session. This program is unique as it is a joint cooperative program designed and conducted by members of all four departments as a shared effort. We are proud of our new recruits and the collaborative spirit of the participating agencies.
Adam Feck (Manlius) discusses social media issues in the fire service, as well as workplace violence, sexual harassment, blue light laws and other policies and procedures with the new recruits.
Paramedic Bob Poresky (Fayetteville FD) conducts CPR/AED training
George Steinberger (Kirkville) shows the new recruits an air pack after going over apparatus, radios and the I Am Responding software app and notification screens.
Bruce Foster (Kirkville) goes over bloodborne pathogen safety



Our December 2015 training exercises focused on victim removal techniques as well as various lifts and carries. These techniques are useful on our EMS responses as well as vehicle rescues and fires. We practiced removing conscious and unconscious victims using one and two rescuer scenarios. The training culminated with rescue mannequins trapped in a simulated fire with our personnel evacuating the "victims" from the second floor via ladder.


Kirkville firefighters practiced live vehicle fire evolutions on October 26th drill night. As shown below, our personnel are trained to approach burning vehicles from a diagonal direction to avoid being struck by projectiles such as gas struts (used in hatchback liftgates) and shock absorbing bumpers. Foam is applied to prevent re-ignition upon completion of the burn evolutions




At 00:49 on October 5, 2015, Kirkville Fire was alerted for a mutual aid structure fire at 114 Stonecrest Drive in the Manlius Fire District. Kirkville Engine 3 responded with a five-person crew and assisted with hoseline operation and overhaul. The fire was brought under control within about 40 minutes and was confined to the porch, deck, garage and entryway. Click here for the full story from


Courtesy of Nicole C. Brown, Manlius Fire Department photographer, via

Courtesy of Nicole C. Brown, Manlius Fire Department photographer, via



Thanks to everyone who attended our Chicken Barbecue, Car and Tractor Show which was held on September 27, 2015. And big Congratulations to our four raffle winners who won cash prizes of $250, $150, $75, and $25 respectively. 



(l-r: Fire Chaplain Bruce Foster, Lt. John Hart, Deputy Chief Shawn Foster, Lt. Thomas Hart)

On Sunday, October 4, bells rang from coast to coast as our Nation paused to remember those firefighters who died in the line of duty in 2014 and previous years. The sound of a bell holds special significance for firefighters. Historically, the toll of a bell summoned members to the station and notified departments of a call for help. Departments also sounded a series of bells when a firefighter died in the line of duty. It is commonly called "Striking the Four Fives"…

On Sunday, October 4 at Crossroads Community Church, Chaplain Bruce Foster, accompanied by an Honor Guard of Kirkville firefighters, remembered the line of duty deaths in 2014 making special note of the eleven fallen firefighters from New York State.

sponsored by the: National Fallen Firefighters Foundation and the NYS Association of Fire Chaplains

Kirkville Fire Company's Memorial Bell rang on October 4th in remembrance of firefighters who made the supreme sacrifice



At 19:18 on June 15, 2015, Kirkville and Fayetteville were alerted for an aircraft crash at the Poolsbrook Golf Course. Kirkville responded with Car 1, Car 2, Car 3, Rescue Pumper 4 and Squad 2; Fayetteville responded with Car 1, Engine 20 and Ambulance A-2. Onondaga County helicopter Air 1 also assisted. The aircraft was a small single engine plane attempting a takeoff maneuver and lost altitude, crashing at the golf course. Responding personnel reached the patient who was conscious and complaining of neck and back pain. Crews stabilized, treated and packaged the patient for transport by ambulance to the hospital. Click here to read the full article from







May 2015 drills included rope-assisted search and rescue. Our firefighters are trained to orient themselves along walls or hoselines as they search structures for possible victims. In zero-visibility smoke conditions that method allows firefighters to quickly reverse course and find their way out of the building, reducing the possibility of getting lost or disoriented with a limited SCBA air supply. In a large structure we practiced using a different rope-assisted method with a search leader tethered back to the door. The search leader supervised two firefighters each on 25 foot rope tethers from the leader. The blindfolded team of three searchers were able to fan out, search the building, successfully find rescue mannequins placed around the structure and exit the structure without depleting their air supply. This drill was very useful in enriching our communication and SCBA confidence skills.



At 17:12 on Friday May 15, 2015, Kirkville and Fayetteville Fire were alerted for a large outdoor fire in the vicinity of Green Lakes Road and Buttonvale Road. Kirkville responded with Car 1, Car 2, Car 3, Rescue Pumper 4, Engine 3, Squad 2 and Squad 1, and Fayetteville responded with Car 1, Engine 20 and Mini-3. A continuous water supply was needed due to the deep seated nature of the fire which required laying out approximately 1000 feet of 4-inch supply line. During overhaul, Kirkville Engine 3 was called from the scene to stand by at North Chittenango for a working structure fire in Madison County. All units were back in service by 22:00 hours.


At 17:32 on May 6, 2015, Kirkville Fire along with multiple departments from Onondaga and Madison Counties were alerted for a three alarm structure fire at 100 Suburban Park Drive in the Manlius Fire District. Kirkville Car 1, Car 2 and Engine 3 responded and assisted with fire suppression duties while on scene. Kirkville units stood by at Fayetteville briefly after clearing the scene and were back in quarters by approximately 21:00. 

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On November 17, 2014, Kirkville firefighters participated in annual bailout training. Each of our backpack-mounted air packs are equipped with a bailout hook, descender device and rope which allows trapped firefighters to exit upper floors and lower themselves to safety in an emergency.
Firefighter exiting the second floor window, remaining low to avoid heat layer above
Once stabilized, firefighter "walks" down the wall controlling descent with squeeze descender device
Alternate ladder bailout technique



Our June 2014 training drills have focused on automobile extrication including vehicle stabilization methods, patient stabilization, emergency medical treatment and safe removal of patients from the automobile after an accident. 




On March 26, 2014 at 21:22, Kirkville Rescue and Minoa Ambulance were alerted for a vehicle rollover with entrapment at 6420 Kirkville Road North. Kirkville Car 2 (Bell) was first on scene along with Kirkville EMT's S. Foster and B. Foster who began immediate patient assessment and treatment. Rescue Pumper 4 and Squad 2 arrived next and utilized wedges, stabilization jacks and straps to stabilize the vehicle which was on its side with its roof pinned against a parked vehicle. An additional ambulance was called from Fayetteville at 21:35. Hydraulic cutters were used to remove the exposed doors and "B" pillar allowing crews to extricate the patient. 



With the help of a grant from the Department of Homeland Security, Assistance to Firefighters Grant (AFG) program, Kirkville Fire Company has been able to upgrade our old and obsolete SCBA units and compressor filling station. The new equipment, now in service, is fully NFPA-compliant and is a major upgrade to personnel safety and our overall efficiency on the fireground. To read more about the grant click here





 The Kirkville Fire Company welcomes you to its website. We are one of four fire departments serving the Town of Manlius in Onondaga County, just east of Syracuse, New York. We are 100% volunteer and provide fire suppression, rescue and EMS first responder service. Our 30 dedicated members operate a Rescue Pumper, an Engine, a light rescue unit and several support vehicles out of one station. We hope you enjoy learning more about what we do in the community. Please feel free to contact us with questions or comments.




 New! Click here for a brochure detailing our address sign program

If your house number is not clearly legible, we may have trouble finding you in the event of an emergency call, especially at night or in inclement weather. The Kirkville Fire Company is now selling house number signs that are legible, reflective, visible from either direction, and mountable on the appropriate side of the street (particularly important if your mailbox is across the street). We encourage all Kirkville Fire District residents to purchase one of these signs for $20 including mounting post. We'll even install it for you!  If you're interested in purchasing one of these signs for your home or business, and you are located within our Fire District (click here to check), then please send us an email to 

Non-District residents: If you don't live in our Fire District, you can still purchase the exact model signs we're using directly from our supplier by clicking here . We recommend 4" numerals on a green sign panel. Please note that posts are not provided for orders placed through the sign company.



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