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Fri. May 20th 2016
Large Brush Fire - behind 6333 Kirkville Road North

At 7:13PM on Friday May 20, 2016, Kirkville Fire along with Minoa were initially dispatched for a large brush fire behind 633...

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Mon. Oct 5th 2015
Signal 99 - 114 Stonecrest Drive, Manlius

At 00:49 on October 5, 2015, Kirkville Fire was alerted for a mutual aid structure fire at 114 Stonecrest Drive in the M...

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Mon. Jun 15th 2015
Plane Crash - 6241 Poolsbrook Road

At 19:18 on June 15, 2015, Kirkville and Fayetteville were alerted for an aircraft crash at the Poolsbrook Golf Course. Kirkv...

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The Kirkville Fire Company is always looking for members. So if you have been thinking about volunteering, take the leap and find out more!  Please call 315-656-3093, email or stop by on Monday nights between 7-9 pm and ask for one of the Officers to discuss how you can help out and what you can expect to experience as a member of Kirkville Fire/Rescue. Please take the time to view the video below, presented by the Fireman's Association of the State of New York (FASNY). 


Please read on and see our Frequently Asked Questions for more information on joining.



The fire and rescue service is one of the most diverse and challenging professions known today.  It is this diversity that inspires men and women to enter the service as volunteer firefighters.  All firefighters are trained to cope with situations that range from structure fires to motor vehicle accidents to hazardous chemical spills and almost every possible emergency situation in between.  We willingly volunteer these skills any time of day, seven days a week, in any kind of weather, and very often under emotional and potentially stressful circumstances.  These factors contribute to our profession being personally very rewarding.


Our primary goal is to serve and protect the public.  This is accomplished by preparing ourselves to control fire emergencies and at times to assist at other emergencies.  This is done through education, training, pre-incident planning, more training, state-of-the-art equipment and more training.


We have a job for everyone no matter what…everyone is important.  As a firefighter, you will be trained in first responding (medical assistance until the ambulance arrives), how to fight fire (forestry & structural), motor vehicle accidents, and other rescues.  We only ask that you do what you feel comfortable doing, whether that is going into a burning structure, support at a distance from a fire, CPR, extracting people from motor vehicle accidents or driving a truck.  There are always tasks that you can help with.  This business is not for everyone.  You need more that just a desire to help people.  You also need courage and dedication, assertiveness and a willingness to learn new skills and face new challenges.  Our service is one that calls on its members to perform hot, sweaty, dirty, strenuous work often in uncertain and hazardous environments, but we guarantee you will enjoy a rewarding experience.


The personal rewards and satisfaction received from the fire service are often beyond description.  There is a sense of accomplishment after controlling a building fire, joy and elevation when a child is rescued and compassion for accident victims.  The list is endless.


The bottom line in our business is measured by the best possible prevention and/or reduction of the loss of life, pain and suffering of people living in and driving through our community, and property damage we have prevented and reduced.  We exist and are prepared for one reason only: to provide our service to the community.  If you feel you have what it takes to meet the challenges of our business, we welcome you to join our fire company.  You will be responsible for the operation of equipment and apparatus.  We are interested in men and women over the ages of 15, who are in fairly good physical condition, and have the desire to participate as a team working towards a common goal ultimately resulting in a safer community.


We have many positions available with various levels of training:

  • Fire Fighter
  • Interior Fire Fighter
  • Driver/ Pump Operator
  • Rescue Fire Fighter
  • Scene Support
  • Business
  • Fundraising

You have the choice of putting in as much time and effort as you want, the more you put in the fire company the more you will gain back.  We let the individuals decide how much time they want to put into our company.  All we expect is that you attend as many calls and practices as you can to maintain and acceptable level of skill.  We will do our best to fit you in with whatever role you choose to pursue.

2018 Lead Officers

Chief: Ed Visser

President: Thomas Hart

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