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Fri. May 20th 2016
Large Brush Fire - behind 6333 Kirkville Road North

At 7:13PM on Friday May 20, 2016, Kirkville Fire along with Minoa were initially dispatched for a large brush fire behind 633...

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Mon. Oct 5th 2015
Signal 99 - 114 Stonecrest Drive, Manlius

At 00:49 on October 5, 2015, Kirkville Fire was alerted for a mutual aid structure fire at 114 Stonecrest Drive in the M...

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Mon. Jun 15th 2015
Plane Crash - 6241 Poolsbrook Road

At 19:18 on June 15, 2015, Kirkville and Fayetteville were alerted for an aircraft crash at the Poolsbrook Golf Course. Kirkv...

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Join Us-FAQ

Here are the answers to some Frequently Asked Questions:


How much time does this require?

At a minimum, you should plan on being at the firehouse each Monday evening between 7 and 10 PM for training and/or meetings. Depending on which membership category you pursue, additional training will be required. You will also be expected to respond on emergency calls. We will explain everything in detail before you commit.


Is it okay that I have no experience?

Yes. Most of our members come to us with no training or experience.  We will provide all of your training.


Will I fit in?

Our Fire Company is made up of people from all different backgrounds, careers and interests. Our membership is made up of of high school and college students, retirees, and everyone in between. We all share a common bond when in training and on calls and that is doing our best to protect the lives and property of those in need.


Will I need to leave my job in the event of an emergency call?

Absolutely not. Our members all honor their work, school and family commitments first.


What will I get out of this?

You will get the unparalleled satisfaction of knowing you may save someone's life, a family's home, or the property of one of your neighbors. We respond on all types of emergency incidents, including injuries, illnesses, heart attacks, vehicle collisions, house fires, and all types of rescue situations and you can (and will) be on the front lines during these emergencies. The training and rewarding life experiences you will gain, as well as your value to the community, truly make the Kirkville Fire Company an organization that can change your life.


Where will I go for training?

We provide all training free of charge. In addition to our weekly drills, classes are held at various fire stations in the area. Classes are usually held in the evenings or on weekends to avoid work and school schedule conflicts.


What do I have to do to become a volunteer?

We will provide an application form to you. You must be 15 or older and have a clean criminal record. Once we process your application, we will call you to schedule a brief interview. 


How often do you accept new members?

The membership votes in new members once per month on the second Monday of every month.  We will need to have your application well in advance of this day in order to adequately process it. Final approval is issued by the Board of Fire Commissioners at its monthly meeting.


What categories of membership are available?


We will explain each category in depth as well as the physical, training and time requirements for each when we meet with you.

  • Firefighter
  • Interior Firefighter
  • Driver/ Pump Operator
  • Rescue Firefighter
  • Scene Support
  • Business
  • Fundraising
2018 Lead Officers

Chief: Ed Visser

President: Thomas Hart

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